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Periodic Control / Inspection

Periodic Control / Inspection

Periodic Control / Inspection

Worning out of the equipments is a massive danger source wihich might cause accidents. Many people lose their lives or health because of reasons such as exploding cauldrons, tilted over cranes, falling elevators, electric shocks, fires, fire quenching equipment that do not work during fire, air systems that are not provided with sufficient and proper air. Therefore, it is a legal obligation to control the work equipments periodically.

Which Machines and Equipments Should Be Inspected and Controlled Periodically ?

A) Pressure Vessels;

• Heater Cauldrons,
• Hot Water Cauldrons,
• Hot Oil Cauldrons,
• Steam Cauldrons,
• Autoclaves,
• Air Tanks
• Compressors,
• Boosters,
• Expansion Tank,

B) Lifting – Transmission Equipments

• Cranes (Moving Bridged Cranes, Portal Crane)
• Mobile Crane
• Tower Crane
• Chain Hoist
• Forklift
• Vehicle Lifting
• Pallet
• Platform
• Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Lifters

C) Kişisel Koruyucu Ekipmanları / PPE

  • Harnes
  • Lanyard
  • Fall arrest
  • Helmet
  • Vertical fall arrest system
  • Self-Retractable Lifeline
  • Perlon
  • Carbine
  • Rescue Kit
  • Evacuation-Rescue devices 
  • Rope

D) System

• Fire System
• Ventilation

E) Electrical System

• Appropriation of Electrical System
• Grounding Measurement
• Lightning Rod Control
• Illumination
• Machine Electric Isolation Test
• Thermal Camera

F) ISG Environment Measurements

• Noise
• Dust
• Illumination
• Thermal Control

What Happens If the Inspections and Controls of the Machines and the Equipments Are Neglected ?

If the inspections and controls are not done at least once in a year, business owners and the authorities will be responsible in the first hand in case of accidents arisen from the lackness of inspections and controls of the machinery and the equipments.