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Working At Height Training

Working At Height Training

Working At Height Training

The goal is to equip the personnel with the necessary information to work safely and fulfill the rescuing necessities in case of an accident.

It is a special program for the personnel whose job requires safety at height. Besides the necessary information for the personnel’s safety, it also includes gaining rescuing skills. All these practices are arranged according to the safety requirements needed for the specific areas.

A program completely special for the job by including rescuing. Theoretical and practical trainings are intertwined. Giving the training at the working field increases the efficiency.

The aimed behavioral patterns for our trainees at the end of the course are;

• Being able to name the legal bases of working at height,
• Explaining the falling kinetic,
• Evaluating the risks that might arise from working at height,
• Defining risky behaviors performed while working at height,
• Identifying the methods of working safely at height,
• Controlling the standards of the equipments while working at height,
• Being able to define compliance criteria for the equipments of working at height,
• Being able to define the choosing criteria and connection points’ features,
• Controlling and confirming if the safety belt is dressed properly and the stair is used properly,
• Being informed about the maintenance, cleaning and preserving conditions of thr equipments and the protectors.

Training Time: 2 Days for Each Group (16 hours)
Participant Number: We can train 12 people at most at the same time.


The participants who succeed at the exam which is supervised under our work safety expert and GWO trainer are certificated with the “Work Health and Safety at Working at Height” certificate. The certificate is valid for 2 years.