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Basic First Aid Training

Basic First Aid Training

Basic First Aid Training

The goal is to equip the personnel with the necessary information and skills to avoid false interventions and intervene fast, appropriately and efficiently to the sick/injured person in case of an emergency until the professional squad comes to the ground. It includes the practices performed on the ground to prevent the situation from getting worse or to save the life until the health attendants arrive in case of an accident or a situation which jeopardize a life. The person who performs these practices is the one who attended Basic First Aid Training and certificated with “First Aider Certificate”.

Training Time: 2 Days for Each Group (16 hours)
Participant Number: We can train 12 people at most at the same time.


The participants who succeed at the exam which is supervised under our trainer approved by the Ministry of Health and GWO trainer are certificated with the “Basic First Aid Training” certificate. The certificate is valid for 2 years.