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Scaffold Safety Training

Scaffold Safety Training

Scaffold Safety Training

Purpose of Scaffold Safety and Scaffold Intallation Training

This is the training which is given to all of the personnel who work or inspect in the sectors which requires usage of the scaffolds such as industrial or construction sector and about scaffold installation, dismantling and working on the scaffolds safely. The main purpose of the scaffold safety training is to teach the participants about scaffold control criteria, and make them able to identify the scaffold parts and distinguish regular scaffolds and to gain skills of scaffold installation and dismantling while prioritizing work health and safety.


Content of Safe Scaffold Installation Training

This is a special training program for the personnel who will inspect the work at the scaffolds or do the installation of the scaffolds as a requirement of their job. All of these practices are regulated in accordance with the safety requirements in order to prevent the risks that may arise while installing a scaffold. Theoretical and practical trainings are intertwined. Giving the training on the working field increases the efficiency. The goal is to make the participants being able to install and dismantle the scaffolds safely, work on the scaffolds safely, gaining theoretical information about the dangerous situations that may arise while using the scaffolds, inspecting the scaffolds and gaining experience with the training studies on the field.



The participants who succeed at the exam which is supervised under our work safety expert and GWO trainer or trainers that have Mountaineering Federation training are certificated with the “Scaffold Safety and Safe Scaffold Installation Training” certificate.