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GWO Training

GWO Training

GWO Training

Rüzgar Akademi gives Basic Security Training for the wind turbines.
As GWO (Global Wind Organisation), we are authorized to give internationally valid GWO Basic Security Training related to wind turbines.
Wind Academy GWO provides Working At Height, First Aid, Fire Awareness and Carrying by Hand modules with its 5 trainer squad to its customers. Our trainers can give both theoretical and practical trainings both in the training field and the customer field. The certificate given at the end of the course is valid for 2 years. 

GWO, BST (Basic Safety Training) includes 4 modules: 
•    Working and Rescuing at Height
•    Carrying by Hand
•    Fire Awareness
•    First Aid

GWO BST Basic Security Training Renewal:
•    Working at Height Renewal
•    First Aid Renewal
•    Carrying By Hand Renewal
•    Fire Awareness Renewal

In case of a need, you can contact us so that we can provide trainings for your personnel in one of our fixed trainings or a date that you find suitable.